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This page provides an index of other web sites linked to the Pearl Harbor Survivors Association [Portland, OR Chapter] web site. Other web sites linked here are for your interest and do not represent an endorsement or a belief in the validity of the information listed on these sites. Links to other sites open a new browser window. To return to this page, close the window.

One page on this site that is linked from the Dec. 7, 1941 page, but isn't linked on this site elsewhere, gives the Ships Positions & other Details of Pearl Harbor.

A midget submarine was part of the attack on Pearl Harbor and this page has been on the site, but not linked elsewhere. We apologize for any confusion that this may have caused. We hope to add more information to the page, until then you can see a couple of photos and visit a museum ~online~ about the mini-subs.

1 March 2020
Attention, Editor! Please add the following link to your links page. So, came a request from student, Meg. Although the link goes to a site that is of a commercial nature and we don't usually do this, we decided to add the page to our links any way. Reason? Toward the bottom of the page is a series of links that are most excellent resources. I don't use other's work on my site, so I believe the perfect answer is to share the page with its links:

Thanks, Mrs. LouAnn Taylor, librarian (some of my favorite people!) for the email alert and Miss Meg for her insistance that the page had great information. I agree and share with thee. Actually, though, the Pearl Harbor attack is glossed up a bit and the motivation of the Japanese may have been more about wanting our oil as they had been embargoed from buying oil and needed it desparately. Motivations are an interesting thing to ponder in the big scheme of history. At the time our ally, China, had been at war with Japan for quite a few years by this time. We had been sending advisors to help. That part is not usually played up in history stories.

The following web link listed was provided by PHSA, Vancouver Chapter President, John H. Bruening. He had links printed on the back of his business card. Bruening served in the U.S. Army 24th Infantry Division. He was on duty as MP (military police) during the time of Pearl Harbor.

First Person Histories

To read the First Person Histories listed on the Portland Chapter's web site, visit our Survivors Roster page and click on any highlighted and underlined name in the list. To add your personal history to this site, please email the webmistress, Bridget E. Smith, veteran of the USAF mid-1970s; Army National Guard 1984-1990.

The web links listed below were provided by PHSA member Cecil Herald.

Naval Historical Center

American Ships at Pearl Harbor Sunday December 7 1941

Attack At Pearl Harbor

HyperWar: World War II on the WorldWideWeb
FDR's "Day of Infamy" Speech

Admiral Nimitz Museum Retains control of Japanese Midget Submarine

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