Ships Positions & other Details of Pearl Harbor, 7Dec41
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The Japanese planes that attacked Pearl Harbor ~ the Zeros.

Radio Gram

Japanese Midget Submarine captured at Pearl Harbor and paraded around the U.S. drummed up support for the war. Now resides at museum.

Pearl Harbor right before the attack, locations of ships
One photo which shows the placement of the ships in the harbor the morning of the attack.

The USS Reid (DD 369) was one of the ships that was there that morning, the executive officer was Capt. Rufus C. Porter. Chapter Chaplain Warren Law served on the Reid and contributed a short description about Life on a Naval Ship.

Chapter president Warren Jones shared with us his experience at Pearl Harbor and a very good ship location diagram.

The Portland Oregon Pearl Harbor Survivors Association web site seeks to leave behind the eye witness accounts: the survivors stories. Our plan is to bring you their stories and possibly, if we're lucky, there will be photos to illustrate them. Since it was a surprise attack, there were not as many photos captured as history would like. It was the days before TV cameras and motion picture film was still blossoming: color film was not yet common.

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