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Pearl Harbor Survivors Association
Portland, OR Chapter #1
National Chapter #2
Chapter holds reunion meetings at noon on the first Friday of each month at Heidi's Restaurant in Gresham. Every year on December 7th, they meet for a memorial breakfast to Remember Pearl Harbor and honor those who lost their lives defending their country during the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941. To join the association and or for more membership information, contact one of the officers:

Chapter President
Garrison, Ken [USS Nevada]
11150 SW 119th Ave.
Tigard, OR 97223
Phone: 503-590-5879

Chapter Vice-President
+Jim Denton [USS Raleigh]
13640 SE Hwy 212 Sp-69
Clackamas, OR 97015
Phone: 503-655-7490

Chapter Sec/Treasurer
Wilma Raymond
34655 SE Gunderson
Sandy, OR 97055
Phone: 503-668-6837

District II Director
+Robert T. Neal [USS Wasmuth]
Idaho, Montana, Oregon,
Washington and Wyoming
Oregon State Chairman: +Donald Raymond [USS Sunnadin]
Chaplain: Warren Law [USS Reid]
Seargeant-at-Arms: Robert Getschman [USS Rigel]

Membership Roster
Alley, Douglas Winston [USS Raleigh]
Angell, Russell -d (Johnine) [Schofield Barracks]
Baker, Buster [Schofield Barracks]
Ballantyne, Bob
Barnes, Raymond
Barton Frank -d (Edna) [USS Tennessee]
Becker, Albert [USS Pyro, AE-1 ammunition ship]
Bell, Charles -d (Rita) [Bellows Field]
Brewer, Charles [Naval Hospital]
Brown, Harold -d Marge [Schofield Barracks]
Bruening, John [Schofield Barracks]
Buce, Jack -d (Georgia) [USS Tennessee]
Carson, Jack -d (Frances) [USS Henley]
Caseberg, A. Burl
Charterey, Francis "Charlie" [NAS Ford Island]
Cissna, Wayne [USS West Virginia]
Clemence, Forest [USS Pennsylvania]
Cole, Eugene [Bellows Field]
Compton, Homer [USS Tancy]
Conroy, John -d (Shirley) [Receiving Station]
Constande, Stephen [Hickam Field]
Cuff, Daren W.
DeGrave, Bernard [USS Montgomery]
Denton, Jim [USS Raleigh]
Fahlegren, Warner [USS Vestal]
Feight, William [USS Pennsylvania]
Finney, John -d (Doris) [USS Honolulu]
Foster, Robert E. [Naval Hospital, Dispensary]
Fredrick, Bill [USS Nevada]
Frost, John -d (Lea) [Ford Island]
Fry, LH
Garrison, Ken [USS Nevada, Anti-aircraft Battery]
Getschman, Robert [USS Rigel, Y3C]
Gibson, Boyd
Harmon, Clyde [USS Phelps]
Hasbrook, Jack [USS Downes]
Hawkins, Robert [USS Aylwin]
Hedensten, Robert [USS Argonne]
Henriot, Alfred -d (Ruth) [USS Monaghan]
Herald, Cecil [USS Antares]
Hillls, Russell
Holliday, Eugene [USS Phoenix]
Holmstorm, Edward [Schofield Barracks]
Huston, James [USS Oklahoma]
Johann, Edward [USS Solace]
Jones, Warren [USS Argonne]
King, Byrl
Knox, Walter
Koffmann, Elizabeth
Law, Warren [USS Reid]
Leech, Jack -d [USS Vestal]
Lemerise, Peter -d (Myrtle) [USS Honolulu]
Liles, Dexter -d (Joyce) [USS Nevada]
Lord, Darrell -a [109th Naval Battalion & LST #268 & 311 VF-MAG]
Luckham, Howard
Matson, Keith [USS Medusa]
McAuley, Elmer
McEnany, Dody [USS Honolulu]
Miller, George
Miller, Wayne [USS Tennessee]
Mode, Stanley -d Jeanne [USS Arizona]
Moran, Bud [USS Rigel]
Nash, Charlotte [USS Oklahoma]
Neal, Robert [USS Wasmuth]
Nelson, Merle [Ford Island]
Niehoff, Harry, [USMC Barracks Co. A 2d Eng. Bn. 2d USMC Div]
Olander, Burrell [USS Rigel]
Orman, Dwight [USS Maryland]
Ortman, Floyd
Ott, Arlie [Shore Base]
Parks, Glen
Parks, Johnny
Peth, Robert [Ford Island]
Pfeifer, John -d (Donna) [USS Tennessee]
Podora, Fred -d (Frances) [US Marine Corps]
Raymond, Donald [USS Sunnadin]
Redmond, Harvey [US Hull]
Reed, Frances [USS Solace]
Reed -d Robert 'Red' (Joyce) [USS West Virginia]
Reinecker, Lawrence [Hickam Field]
Remerise, Myrtle
Reynolds, Harvey
Richardson, Harold [USS Vestal]
Rider, Robert James -d (Ann) [Fort Kamehameha]
Riopelle, James -d (Marie)
Robinson, Robert -d (Verna) [USS Honolulu]
Rosecrantz, Edwin
Rowland, Rexford -a
Rowland, William -d (Wilma) [NAS Kaneohe]
Schaaf, Valentine [Schofield Barracks]
Schmasow, Wallace -d (Ann Marie) [Schofield Barracks]
Seely, Howard -d (Elizabeth) [USS California]
Sellentin, Charles
Shirley, Jack -d (Martha) [USS Sacramento]
Simmons, Wayne -d (Betty) [USS Oglala]
Simonsen, Jens [USS Maryland]
Slonecker, Wilbur [USS Cachalot]
Sponsler, Clarence -d (Eigene) [USS Aylwin]
Stallings, Norman -d (Rosalie) [Submarine Base]
Stauber, Frank -d {USS Conyngham]
Stevens, Charles -d (Alice) [USS Oklahoma]
Stewart, Thomas [USS Selfridge]
Stronach, Harry
Struthers, Jack [USS Phoenix]
Tainter, Randall
Tharp, James -d (Donna)
Thomas, William [USS Medusa]
Thompson, Marty
Vore, Ned [USS Maryland]
White, Marjorie [USS Downes]
Wiggins, Wayne
Wilson, Irbin "Bud" [NAS Kaneohe VP-]
Wismer, Bob -a
Wright, James [USS Shaw]
Wright, Lawrence -d (Ruth) [USS Nevada]
Yeager, Richard [USS Farragut]
Yerkes, William [USS Dolphin]

-d = deceased; (wife's name)
-a = associate members, not survivors
NAS = Naval Air Station

On this page, a name which is underlined can be clicked on to find that Survivor's Story.
A ship which is underlined can be clicked on to find out more about that ship.

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