Celebrate the 90th Anniversary
of National Woman Suffrage

and the
Centennial of Washington Equal Suffrage
with Susan Butruille, author and playwright

With narrative, stories, recipes, song, and audience participation, Susan Butruille recreates scenes from her dramatic tale of Washington equal suffrage, from territorial beginnings through the Washington victory in 1910 and national equal suffrage in 1920. Recipe For Justice follows three generations of women -- the family matriarch, her daughter, and two granddaughters -- as they gather to plan a celebration dinner. Soon they are sharing recipes, songs, memories, and contrary views over equal suffrage, women’s rights, and family dynamics. Voices of suffragist spirits weave through the play with comments and historical perspectives, acting at times as a sort of Greek chorus.

Susan G. Butruille
Photo by John Butruille

You’ll hear the words of such early advocates as Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony; Washington suffragists May Arkwright Hutton and Emma Smith DeVoe; and national militants Alice Paul and Inez Milholland, who died for the cause.

Washington has perhaps the most compelling suffrage story of any state, having won and lost voting rights twice before becoming the fifth state to grant permanent equal suffrage. Washington’s victory prompted other states, mostly in the West, to grant votes to women, leading to the 1920 national equal suffrage amendment, the culmination of one of the most significant and dramatic nonviolent human rights campaigns in history.

Susan Butruille’s presentation is both entertaining and educational for Washington audiences. “A wonderful presentation! Everyone had a great time.” – program coordinator.

“I am impressed!” – Lisa Bergman, Executive Director, Icicle Creek Music Center.

Two key lessons emerge from Recipe For Justice: every step to woman suffrage was a hard-won battle, and every gain for justice can be challenged and possibly lost. As Thomas Jefferson said, “The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.”

Susan Butruille, who holds a Master of Arts degree in nonfiction writing, is the author of three books on women in the West and numerous articles. She has presented lectures, performances and workshops from coast to coast and in France, and appeared with Oregon Chautauqua and Washington Inquiring Mind. Butruille has directed Leavenworth’s Readers Theatre, including the premiere performance of Recipe For Justice.

Susan G. Butruille, M.A., PO Box 385, Leavenworth, WA • 98826 • susanbutruille@gmail.com. The Recipe For Justice script is available for public performance and school readings. Contact the playwright for performances, keynotes and teacher workshops.

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