July 12, 1957


The Nevada Test Organization today announced that the air-to-air rocket nuclear detonation now scheduled for July 19th has been added to the shots previously announced for on-site observation by news media representatives. Representatives of news media will be admitted on site to observe the shot only after being accredited by letter or telegram to the Office of Test Information, and after signing a safety and security agreement at the office at 1233 South Main Street in Las Vegas.

The accrediting letter or telegram from the correspondent's superior should state his full name and that he is a US citizen. Those already accredited need only to register at the office.

A pre-shot briefing for correspondents will be held in the Las Vegas City Hall at 10 a.m. Thursday, July 18.

Media representatives will be admitted on site to the News Nob observation area only. Photography will be from that area only, and restrictions previously announced on cameras will apply.

Atomic Energy Commission
Nevada Test Organization
Notes on "John"

"John is a Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory device-- the second in the series not named after scientists or mountain peaks. The other was Priscilla. Both are shots of primary interest to the Department of Defense.

There will be 10 experiments on the timer. There will be nine military effects experiments and no civil effects tests. A total of 25 aircraft will participate.

The detonation will occur more than 13 miles from News Nob, approximately four degrees west of due north, and 10.5 degrees above the true horizon, or true horizontal.

Seventy-eight military observers, including 19 Canadians, will observe the shot from the test site.

[Press Release: Detonation]