May 25, 1957


This is a Los Alamos Scientific device to be fired from a 300-foot tower and has a designed yield which will be well below nominal. The tower is in Yucca Area No.3, approximately eight miles from News Nob.

There will be no shock effect rockets at time of detonation.

Time of shot is approximately 30 minutes before sunrise.

Twenty-one aircraft are scheduled to participate, if Franklin is fired before Boltzmann, which includes six F-86s used for air crew indoctrination.

Observers will include: 250 Armed Forces Personnel from Desert Rock ( if Franklin is fired first}.

Remaining NATO, Civil Defense, and news media observers.

There will be some 200 experiments on the sequence timer.

There will be extensive participation by military and laboratory groups in a program coordinated by the Civil Effects Test Group. Measurements will be made of prompt gamma and prompt neutron radiation concerning principally the angular distribution of radiation in the air for use in evaluating doses which would be received by indivduals in locations shielded by physical structures and terrain. Pilot studies will be conducted to correlate exposures with the effects of prompt radiation on animals. There will be depth dose studies of prompt radiation using tissue-equivalent phantoms and physical dosimetry.

Persons at ordinary altitudes will not have direct line-of-sight to the fireball, although persons observing from higher altitudes should wear dark sunglasses if within 20 miles and looking toward the Test Site at shot time. Highway travelers have been advised that a shot of even relatively low yield fired in hours of darkness can momentarily startle a driver if the vehicle is pointing toward the Test Site.

[Press Release: Tower Photo]