Under the Cloud by Richard L. MillerUnder the Cloud
by Richard L. Miller

Miller describes the weapon device, the position, time and detonation. He documents the military units assigned, their placement and activities. Then he follows the radioactive cloud across America listing the deposits on the ground in many cities and towns and recounts the cultural events taking place by the unwary citizens below.
Moreover he has rebuilt this history for Every atomic shot that took place during the above ground testing: 547 pages includes fallout maps for every atomic detonation. An indispensible reference book as America revisits this Cold War science experiment on US citizens 50 years later.
Of the books I've read on the subject I think Miller's Under the Cloud provides the quickest understanding of the test history for the thinking citizen and the fact that the they were involved and unaware...excellent.

Watch this space for news of the latest book from Richard L. Miller. Fallout maps with Miller's thorough presentation of the data will make it a research tool that will be indispensible; a must for every library.

The Atomic Express by Richard L. MillerThe Atomic Express
by Richard L. Miller

Miller's atomic thriller The Atomic Express takes an insider's view of the activities at the Nevada Test site. His characters range from the scientific technicians arming the weapons (test devices) in the tower cab to civilians just outside the boundaries of the Top Secret installation. Miller's work puts a suspenseful human perspective into the dry official histories that dominate the recording of these atomic detonations.

Not a fan of fiction, I reluctantly got aboard The Atomic Express, and traveled those 402 pages. When I was finally through, 3 sittings 150 pages, 150 pages, 100 pages end. I felt like I had been to one those few really good atomic films: Night Breaker with Martin Sheen was one, Mullholland Falls with Nick Nolte is another and Blue Sky with Tommy Lee Jones and Jessica Lang is another one. It was every bit as good as any of those, much better by the book as yet there is no movie director who knows little about the subject to screw it up.

Readers of this troubling subject will enjoy the excitement of Miller's fictional account. It was certainly a lot of background work for this book and I could see throughout the story the fallout from Under the Cloud. The fictional format was excellent, the character development was excellent, the villians were well thought out and they got their just rewards. Right up there as one of the best atomic era fiction stories. Ten megatons.

Contact Richard L. Miller by email to order his book, discuss movie deals (only legitimate offers, please) and to arrange media interviews.

When I expressed my admiration for writers and researchers who've exposed this once secret history.
Richard L. Miller replied, "I think we're all obsessed. I know I am."

~~Keith Whittle, June 1999
author, Anno Atomi: Growing Up with the Atom
webmaster, author and curator, Atomic Veterans History Project

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