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Welcome to our collection of prosey poems, ponderings and pontifications. It must be obvious from that and this site that I love alliteration. In this instance it's the use of all the "P's" in my paragraphs.

It may become obvious that I continue to write my words in a program that doesn't have a spell checker, so please forgive my typos. I'm from the old school where you didn't have a wonderful helper like a spell checker. We had dictionaries, available only in book form. Heavy to carry around, but when one is dedicated to spelling words correctly, a person used up some time and brain energy to memorize word spellings. It's actually a good thing. Exercise your brain. Learn to spell. Really expand your horizons, learn a language other than your birth one.

Education is our mission.

Journalism is our method.

History is our specialty.

Truth sets us all free.

Prosperity. It's our birth right.

To get there, let's take the Alturistic train, not the Austerity one.

If we do, the world will be a better place.

I rest my case.

At the Press, I am Channeling Winston Smith* mostly because I can. I can change my text to suit my day. It's the Internet's Way. Ever changing, ever evolving. Let's take the journey. Together. The Internet has given me a Press, a changeable one, and I am using it.

*Winston Smith referred to is the main character in George Orwell's "1984" book about the future. Smith's job: Changing the news after it's written. For Orwell, and for us, the future is now. If you haven't read the book I suggest you take it up. You'll find a lot to ponder and some new words to learn and some old words you'll find out where they originated.

When injustice begins to rule, it's time to pick up the pen to work for Justice for All.

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